Pizza Tools

Pizza Night is especially fun when you make your own Pizza Dough and select your favourite toppings! Master the art of pizza making with Pizza Trays, Paddles, Boards and a range of Pizza Tools from Bulmers Gifts stores. Wooden Paddle Boards are attractive and practical for cutting and serving Pizza at the table. Made from a range of durable natural timbers with a useful handle for serving.Traditional Aluminium Pizza Trays are available in a range of sizes, including small versions for individual serve pizzas, as well as medium and large sizes.Non stick coated metal Pizza Trays are easy to use especially when transferring a cooked pizza to a cutting and presentation board.Non stick trays are also available in a Crisper version, featuring a perforated base for good air circulation to facilitate a well cooked pizza base.Pizza tools include stainless steel rocking Pizza Blades, Pizza Slides and Pizza Wheels. Designs of Paddle Boards, Trays and Pizza Tools may vary between stores.

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