Butter Dishes

Store and serve butter in style with a traditional covered Butter Dish or a Butter Keeper. Butter is a vital ingredient in many recipes including cakes and sauces, and is a popular spread for fresh bread, baked goods and vegetables. Butter Dishes provide attractive storage and serving options and are easily transferred from the fridge to the dining table. Designs including Maxwell & Williams white glazed ceramic Butter Dishes are timeless and suit any kitchen or dining decor from rustic to modern.The Maxwell & Williams Butter Keeper is a traditional design that utilises a water filled base into which a butter jar is placed. The water forms an airtight seal to keep the butter fresh. This design is compact enough to suit any fridge, and a novel solution to easy butter serving at the table. Select from a range of covered Butter Dishes at Bulmers Gifts, including retro style Glass and Ceramic styles. Styles may vary between stores.

Bulmers Gifts Butter Dishes

 Bulmers Gifts Butter Dish Bulmers Gifts Butter Dish Bulmers Gifts Butter Dish

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