Decorative GlassNow arriving at Bulmers Gifts stores, new Decorative Glass sculptures and vases that capture the vibrant colours of nature. Items may vary between stores. While stocks last.


Inspired by the smooth and sleek lines of animals, birds and fish, these glass sculptures incorporate transluscent coloured glass and the light that passes through it, to create brilliantly coloured forms.
These decorative glass pieces are made using moulds and factory production techniques. Although the shapes are produced in significant numbers, each piece is unique due to the process of applying swirls, lines, spots, and patches of colour within the glass.

Decorative glass has a long history of being collected, with many collectors begining with just one or two pieces that can be added to over time.

Decorative glass sculptures are regarded as highly attractive for domestic display and collection due to their luminous colours and relatively sturdy nature. Unlike blown glass or fine filagree forms, decorative glass sculptures and vases are heavier and relatively easier to handle, display and clean.

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