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Coffee brewing and serving utensils and gadgets are designed in a wide variety of styles to make, serve and enjoy coffee.
Types of coffee brewing and serving utensils and gadgets include:

Stovetop Coffee Makers:
Coffee Makers designed for a stovetop are also known as Espresso Makers. The principle behind stovetop coffee makers is that water is heated and filtered through ground coffee beans to produce an aromatic brew. Stovetop Coffee Makers have an established history with well known and respected European brands to select from. Stovetop Espresso Makers are constructed from either aluminium or stainless steel, and feature a rubber or silicone gasket.

French Press Coffee Makers.
Also known as Coffee Plungers, the French Press Coffee Maker has a glass or stainless steel beaker style jug and a plunger style filter plate. Ground coffee and boiling water are added to the jug and after steeping together the plunger lid and filter plate are pressed down. French Press or Plunger coffee makers are simple to maintain and can look decorative when serving coffee from them at the table.

Coffee accessories:
These are tools that help you prepare and serve coffee professionally or at home and can complement your own coffee making equipment. They include a coffee grinder, stainless steel milk jug, milk frothing thermometer, milk aerating tool, coffee tamper and coffee grounds knock box.

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