G2 Global Knives 800

Knives for the kitchen are tools that you use to cut, slice, chop or peel food ingredients. There are many types of knives for the kitchen that you can choose from, such as:

Chef knife: This is a multipurpose knife that can be used for various cooking tasks. It has a long and wide blade that allows for easy chopping, dicing and mincing. It also has a curved edge that helps with rocking motions.

Bread knife: This is a knife that has a serrated edge that can cut through bread and cakes without squashing them. It can also be used for slicing tomatoes or other soft fruits.

Paring knife: This is a small knife that is mainly used for peeling, trimming or coring fruits and vegetables. It has a short and pointed blade that allows for precise control.

Accessories for knives include sharpeners, steels, knife blocks and magnetic knife racks.

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