KSM195 Artisan Stand Mixer and matching kettle and toaster The best kitchen benchtop appliances combine style and function. All appliances are designed to assist with efficient preparation of food and beverages. Aspects to consider when selecting an appliance are:


 The size: You can select the capacity of an appliance to suit your needs, for example a two slice or four slice toaster, a large or smaller food processor, or a large blender or stick blender. Consider the size of your benchtop or storage space and the volume of food that you require.

The use:
Whether you intend to use the appliance daily or occasionally may influence your choice of size and capacity of the item.

The style:
Your selection of a certain style of appliance can be dictated by whether it will remain in a permanent and prominent position on your benchtop, or hidden in a cupboard or drawer. There are many designs and finishes available. For example stainless steel, white or coloured benchtop appliances. Some kitchen appliance brands offer a range of stylish colour co-ordinated items that can assist with many different food preparation tasks in your kitchen.

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